Clinical Supervision

Dreaming of being a counselor? You CAN, TOO!

LaQuondra provides clinical supervision for LPC-Associates and graduate students during their practicum and internship. 

clinical counseling

LPC Associates receive a minimum of 4 hours of supervision monthly, 2 hours group and 2 hours individual.  Graduate students can expect a weekly supervision meeting and client session observations.  Supervision is currently held virtually and, in the evenings, or weekend.  Supervisees can expect supervision sessions to be relaxed and relatable with an emphasis on personal growth in the profession.

Supervisees have the option of working full time or part time in U Can Too Professional Counseling Service PLLC or meeting with LaQuondra to supervise their work at other sites.

It would be my pleasure to navigate the next part of your journey with you as your clinical supervisor.  Complete the form to schedule a brief meeting to see if we are a good fit!

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